Leaving on Top
Reviews and Praise

Leaving on Top explores how to deal with the trauma of quitting when you're ahead and stepping up to the challenges of the next stage of life. Must reading.

– Michael O’Neill, Chairman of Citigroup

In Leaving On Top, Dave Heenan explains how to make a graceful exit.

– Steve Case, CEO of Revolution and
co-founder of America Online (AOL)

Leaving On Top shows how to make a fool of the grim reaper—or at least earn his respect.

– Jim Bouton, former New York Yankee
pitcher and author of the classic Ball Four

Leaving On Top shows how bidding farewell is not the end of the line, but, instead, how one can use it to open doors to a rich, new life. This book is a practical and usable road map to dealing with a timely and important subject.

– Tom Leppert, former mayor of Dallas and CEO of Turner Corp.

Why do some senior leaders ‘get out while they're on top’ while others ‘overstay their welcome’?  Dave Heenan thoughtfully probes this question and comes up with some great ideas that will help all of us gracefully face that inevitable moment.

– Jerry Porras, Lane Professor of Organizational Behavior and Change
Emeritus, Stanford Business School and
co-author of Built to Last.

Dave Heenan’s persuasive message of how and when to call it quits makes Leaving On Top both a great and timely read.

– Laurent L. Jacque, Walter B. Wriston
Professor of International Finance and Banking,
The Fletcher School, Tufts University

In this well-timed book, David Heenan explores the art of the sweetly timed exit. A well-respected corporate executive, business-school dean, and former Marine, he has encountered his own share of successful sayonaras. It is this authenticity that allows him to lay out a comprehensive road map—a set of directions any of us can follow.

– From the Foreword by Leadership Guru Warren Bennis

Book Cover: Leaving On Top - Graceful Exits for Leaders

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